SuperBar | ABOUT US
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About us

We have been talking to the MIT pharmacy department and this is the feedback we have. Our SuperBar Stick is not e-cigarette, the process to describe what we do is PHYTO-INHALATION.



Phyto-Inhalation allows inhaling additives of nearly every plant through heated air flow, without any residues as tar, condensates and so on, it is just a healthy thing. In a good vaporiser the wanted agent, from a low amount of needed material, is extracted at its certain temperature.



Plant matter (‘phyto’) is heated with a vaporizer. The active ingredients are vaporized and inhaled. In contrast to usual methods of administration (such as smoking), phyto-inhalation produces no smoke. This means that the vapours do not contain any contaminants, but only the active ingredients. These are taken up into the lungs efficiently and quickly, and enter the bloodstream straightaway. The effect can be felt after just a few seconds, and taking the right dose is this very easy. Phyto-inhalation only uses a third of the amount of plant material that is needed when it is smoked. It is gentle on the lungs and airways.



Many herbalists and natural medicine practitioners fully expect to see thermo extracted phyto-inhalation a readily accepted and preferred delivery medium for plant-based medicines in the future with numerous, use-specific preparations commercially available.



Since our ingredients are natural, the smoke that comes out does not pollute the air. Also, we are able to make a smokeless (indoor) version as well. What we want to do is make clear that our product has nothing to do with SMOKING.